Golden Night and Tree of Pleanty, Linocut Print and Gold Leaf,  2016

Golden Night and Tree of Pleanty, Linocut Print and Gold Leaf,  2016

Trees, People and Emigration, 2016 - 2017

I Part:

Tree of Plenty.

I have been developing the idea for a project entitled “Trees, People and Emigration” for more than 10 years. Since I was 18 years old my life has been spread over 3 countries. Throughout constant social and cultural shocks, I have worked out what some of the key areas, or "NEW THINGS" are at each stage of becoming accustomed to change.





I believe there are thirteen “NEW THINGS”:

Country… Language…Tradition…Culture…

Nature…Home… Family…




This is probably nothing new for you, it is ultimately just a list. 

However, many of us go through this list and it takes years. The order of the list can  change and the list may expand over the years. Some stages are in constant repetition.

The first part of the project represents "Hope of a new Beginning" through a Beautiful Dream Tree.

The branches of the Tree are the most treasured HOPES that last for a long time, sometimes until the very end.

The leaves of the tree could grow, but they also could fall. They represent our daily efforts and are the fruits of our labour. Leaves deliver sun energy to the tree on temporary basis they are perishable for the sake of new start. The story of our daily deeds is refreshed every morning.

The Dream Tree is growing and spreading behind the thin and invisible wall of Beliefs, Goals, Faith, Aspiration, Expectations and Confidence.

II Part: In development…


Seconds of The Minute, 2015

This art work has 6 original prints. Technique: photo-etching and drypoint. Paper size: 210 mm x 750 mm.

Perils of Cycling due to Cyclopic Driving.

2014 - 2016

My present project is focusing on the perils of cycling on a congested London streets, exploring black spots at major roundabouts.

I see cyclists on London's busy streets on a daily basis and it gives me fear of cycling in London. There is plenty of research which shows the dramatic figures of cyclists who die on major roundabouts. I have created a panel of 72 memorial plates for cyclists who have died on London’s streets from January 2010 until April 2015. 

I want to convey the danger, energy and power of traffic situations on congested roads in London. Using a sequence of etchings, prints and large oil paintings I portrait the fragile nature of cyclists, in comparison to the power of cars, buses and lorries. I want to bring to light the perilous environment. 

Creating images with atmosphere of riskiness and vulnerability I used various tools such as digital media, etching, photo-etching, drypoint and oil sketches, I work with multiple layers for achieving atmosphere and depth, I would like to reach an effect of a gradual discovery of objects. Strokes with wide brush helps to show the power of movement. Through my art I would like to have a small input into road improvements and safety for cyclists on our roads.